Phonecards of Central Asia Region
Kazakhstan The first card of Kazakhstan (140 units) was issued in 1994 by NETAS.
This card was used in payphone of hotel "Almaty" which placed in center of Alma-Ata (Kazakh capital). This card is rarity now.
The first card of Uzbekistan (25 units) was issued in 1996 by URMET for "Uzbekiston Telecom" (Uzbek Telephone Network).
This card is mostly used in prepaid phones of Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekiston).
Uzbekistan 1st
Uzbekistan 2nd The second card which was used in Tashkent payphones (25 units), was issued in 1996 by URMET and Russian concern "TELECOM". This card also was used in prepaid phones of some Russian cities.
In 1997 "UZBEKISTON TELECOM" was issued a third Uzbek phonecard with the same picture as on the second card, but with other text.
In September 1997 the first Kyrgyz cards were issued by firm KYRGYZTELECOM for the using in payphones of Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyzstan). A series includes 4 cards with pictures of the views of Kyrgyzstan. The face values of cards are 10, 20, 40 and 100 units. These cards reusable (re-programmable). A type of cards - magnetic, manufacturer - Alcatel Bell. Kyrgyzstan